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67 Minutes Article

The Department of Corporate Services ( with its wellness programme)  along  with different Municipal departments have joined the world in a project called 67minutes that happens every year during the 18th of July as this was a birthday of the World icon Dr. Nelson Mandela who said in his own words : “It is in your hands now”  which means that everyone can make a difference to help and shape the world.


Furthermore on the 18th of July every year South Africans celebrate Nelson Mandela International day or 67 minutes for Dr. Nelson Mandela. Most of us have heard that after Mandela’s day inception in 2009, many individuals and organisation spent at 67 minutes least making the world a better place.

Hence it is part of our Wellness Programme to make sure that Abaqulusi Municipality employees do get involved in this kind of mission because to see the ‘joy’ in the eyes of the needy people makes us realise that there is a absolutely a reason for ‘UBuntu’ amongst all of us.

In fulfilling the vision of the late Dr. Nelson Mandela, the departments of AbaQulusi Municipality along with their allocated team leaders  have donated gifts to the following organizations:

  • Ikusasalabo Centre for Disabled
  • Hospice or SPCA
  • Nkanyiso Special School
  • Inkululeko Children’s Home
  • The Old Aged Home

As we conclude, we are proud to have taken part in the well known and celebrated Hero by freely giving 67 minutes of our time to the needy and we also thank our Management for allowing us to participate.


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