More Development earmarked for ABAQULUSI Wards

AbaQulusi Municipality was engaged in a series of project hand-overs to communities around the AbaQulusi area as part of their campaign to improve conditions in previously disadvantaged areas.

During the 2017 IDP roadshows, some commitments were made by the municipality to invest resources in the wards, and the delivery of these projects are a fulfillment of those promises.

The Mayor Councillor Jerry Sibiya and his councilors conducted a series of public gatherings in 8 wards around AbaQulusi for the purpose of introducing contractors to the communities. These contractors are to commence with construction work of various projects across the wards.

Construction is underway for creches in ward 12, ward 15, ward 16, ward 19, and ward 20.

In ward 12, KwaGwebu crèche is to be built. Mchilobomvu Civils Construction has been appointed to commence work on building the creche. The value of this project is R1587 363.25.

A crèche in 15, Mdinganduku crèche will be constructed by Dlakscon Construction, the value of the project is R18 000 781.08  

A crèche in ward 16, eMadresini crèche, will be constructed by Mchilobonvu Civil Construction, the project will cost R1 520 316.88.

Zwelisha Creche in ward 19 will be constructed by Mchilobonvu Civil Construction to tune of 1 265 800.14.

The Ezingadini crèche in ward 20 will be constructed by Thinasonke Projects and will cost 1 259 147.67

Rehabilitation of Bhekuzulu hall: Bhekuzulu hall in ward 10 will be rehabilitated to the tune of R3 551 058.39. The refurbishment will be done by Sthabiso construction.

Construction of Gravel Roads ward 20 and ward 21 is underway.

Ezingadini Gravel Road in ward 20 will constructed by Vukuzithathe 11cc. The value of the project is R1 846 703.10

Engilandi Gravel Road In ward 21, R3 154819.47 was set aside for the construction of Engilandi Gravel Road. Construction will be done by Mpandla Trading.

Emadresini Cemerery in ward 16 is to be fenced, the budget for this project is 1 549 504.53. Thinasonke Projects has been appointed to commence with the project.

Ezibomvu Community Hall in ward will be rehabilitated. An amount of R4 496 540.00 has been budgeted for this project and Amatawutawu General Trading has been appointed to commence work for the refurbishment of this Hall.

The AbaQulusi municipality is steadily, but surely turning the tide against poverty, unemployment and general deprivation. The construction of these projects will be labour- intensive and as such will create much needed job opportunities in the impoverished communities. The municipality is confident that these projects will make a positive impact on the local economy and social development of the area.

The Mayor has urged communities to be vigilant in protecting these projects and the general infrastructure that is brought to them.


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