AbaQulusi Mayor and his Councillors and officials in AbaQulusi municipality were involved in Operation Khuculula AbaQulusi, meaning Operation Clean-up AbaQulusi Campaign.
All departmental officials and Councillors volunteered a day to participate in the Clean-Up Campaign which took place on Wednesday 29 March in a bid to raise environmental awareness and promote environmental cleanliness. The activities included Grass cutting, Planting of trees, Road markings and erecting of the signage.

The Municipality initiated this project as part of its objectives to achieve a clean environment and to contribute towards the objectives of the urban renewal project. We have decided to lead the community by example and not only to be seen to be preaching the word of a clean environment but to practical clean our town.
The Mayor appealed to the community to join hands in keeping our town clean saying a clean environment will lead to a sustainable environment. I would like to call on the public to commit in this exercise especially as our town has been nominated in the semi-final of the Town of the Year in KwaZulu-Natal. I encourage people to vote for Vryheid to ensure that we win this competition, to vote, you can SMS Vryheid to the number 33157. Let’s work towards a clean environment and an environmental aware society.

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