A region rich with vibrant beauty, culture and diversity.

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Water Saving

Every Drop Counts

Water, the life saving liquid is precious and should be looked after. Read more for tips on this life saving liquid.

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Valuable Resource

Currently over 90% of our energy in South Africa comes from non-renewable resources like coal, oil and gas that will eventually run out. The less energy we use, the longer these resources will last and a lower demand for energy will have beneficial effects on the environment.

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Mandatory Water Restrictions

KZN Drought Warnings

“Water rationing is a level 4 water restriction measure - the highest. It has commenced at 30% restriction and depending on the dam levels, it will be incrementally moved to 50% restriction.

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Business Opportunities

Keep up to date with latest tenders and advertisements for business opportunities to build the community and local economy..


A precious and life sustaining liquid. Water is the most essential element to life on Earth. Learn about water, the properties of water and find out how the water cycle operates.


Keep up to date with load shedding schedules and electrical faults from the national grid..

Youth Development

Building a better community through family values and our youth of the future...

Business Listings

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Upcoming Events

Watch for upcoming community events through the Events Calendar....

Eskom Loadshedding

Keep up to date with the Eskom Loadshedding Schedule Page, and .

Water Restrictions

KZN Province under serious water restrictions. Visit DWA provincial department. View Announcement including strict restrictions in the AQM area. 


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