The Women’s Day Celebration

Date: 27 August 2019

Time: 10h00 a.m.

Venue: King Zwelithini Hall – Bhekuzulu


The Women’s day celebration held on Tuesday 27 August 2019 at King Zwelithini Hall. What a productively fulfilling day it was; where AbaQulusi Municipality women from all Sections got an opportunity to celebrate and reflect on Women’s achievements. The Women Celebration for AbaQulusi Officials has never been hosted before. It was  the first of its kind..



Furthermore, the Director Corporate Service touched on the topics that women should reflect, support and  love one another... Women face problems in the struggle to be free and the important role they continue to play in the Community and Society, as they are multi tasked. Sr. O. Fakude gave women more information on how women body changes. She also emphasized that they should always utilize health facilities for health screenings to detect any abnormalities at an early stage. Each woman was given an opportunity to jot down a summary of serious challenges that they face.

Positive advises were given on how to deal with or overcome such problems. Opportunity to discuss one on one problem was afforded to everyone that needed assistance. Health screening facilities were available onsite. Nondumiso Phungula and Zinhle Malunga gave women lessons on how they should set financial goals, save , spend money wisely and most importantly  how to budget. Spiritual needs were also tackled in details and in this case prayer  was strongly suggested as a weapon for every obstacle. Most of women are facing a lot of challenges and stress in their daily lives forgetting the value of life in general. Book clubs was suggested if any women interested in reading books, opportunity to join a book club was presented to all women and different speakers there relevantly emphasized that ‘Kowledge is Power’. Women would be given 3 months to read a book at their leisure time, thereafter meet for a book  review.

In conclusion , the Local Organizing Committee outdone themselves to plan such a successful Women’s day event. Hence the day was successful and productive.  All women enjoyed themselves so much; they requested to have the Women’s day as an annual event. Last but not least thank you for each and every donation received towards this event. Ladies you all looked fabulous!!!

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