Men's Imbizo

The Men Imbizo

On the 1st of August 2019 all Abaqulusi Municipality Male Employees were invited to discuss issues that concern and affect them and the community.

In the quest for wellness particularly for AbaQulusi Municipality men, issues involving violence, unemployment, children and women abuse, skills development as well as fighting against drug abuse were discussed and as a result during discussions it was discovered that  ‘Men’ are also victims of domestic violence , most of the victims still feel  ashamed to speak out about the abuse that they experience in their homes or at their communities.


Furthermore, Men of abaQulusi Municipality were priviledged during the above stipulated date to talk about their sex lives and men related diseases inside and outside their marriages. In addition, our Wellness Team organised such a gathering because some men are proud and they don’t usually open up in some matters such that these issues eventually affect their way of living and even performance at work.

In conclusion, the Welness Team would like to express deep gratitude to our Management as well as Abaqulusi Municipality especially ‘Men’ for making this day a success.  

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