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The Director of Corporate Services and the AbaQulusi Municipality Wellness team together with Management and the Council had ventured into many wellness campaigns that are scheduled on behalf of AbaQulusi Municipality going forward, with one of them having been hosted recently during the 22nd of November 2018 at Bhekuzulu Community Hall, where most of the employees and the Bhekuzulu citizens attended. The campaign was about:


  • National Children’s Day
  • 16 Days of activism for no violence against women and children
  • Wold Diabetes day
  • World AIDS day
  • and the International day for the disabled.

The Honourable Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Speaker and even EXCO Members as well as most of the Ward councillors of AbaQulusi Municipality attended to support this helpful awareness campaign.

The Honourable Mayor in his speech mentioned that this is the first of many programs where employees are engineered psychologically.

Furthermore the Honourable Speaker stressed that “real men don’t abuse” and that we should stand together against women and child abuse because it affects even the production of service delivery.

Last but not least, on behalf of Administration the Director of Corporate Services relevantly raised her concern about the human capital of AbaQulusi Municipality. She said in her speech: “The Employees of AbaQulusi Municipality will continue to be well taken care of by their Human Resources Department, however they should get tested for deadly and chronic diseases so that they know what they will be dealing with in their bodies, they should exercise and get healthy at all times and they should spend according to what they earn. Lastly she said as Management they get worried  when an employee is depressed let alone death of some sort because she believes that people should talk about these things to HR department so that they can get help”.

In addition there were speakers invited from different internal and external departments and organizations who jointly one by one spoke with one vision of that of the Mayor, Speaker, Deputy Mayor, Management as well as AbaQulusi Municipality wellness team.

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