Mondlo Electricity Issue

Thursday, July, 2015


Mondlo electricity issue

Please be advised that the Municipality is working around the clock to restore electricity to affected areas of Mondlo. The TSS electrical, the municipalities service providers are busy with refurbishing a 5MVA transformer. We have managed to source 2x2.5 MVA transformers which will be delivered on Friday.


Requests are being made to ESKOM and other companies to source a 5 MVA, 7MVA or 10 MVA. The AbaQulusi Municipality would like to extend its apology to the community of eMondlo for the distress electricity blackout have caused.

In relation to the alleged comments by the Mayor, the Municipality dismisses the allegations with contempt it deserves. We hold the Mayor Councillor Patience Khaba in high regard as a seasoned servant of the people with a proven track record in improving the quality of life of AbaQulusi people. We regard these allegations as yet another dirty tricks campaign by faceless people, for their narrow partisan interests, to defame the good name of the Mayor.

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